Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Special Note of Appreciation

Hello, dear friends.

In the Paper Crafting World, there are several "levels" of expertise, styles, and techniques.
One thing I have discovered, the on-line Community is often "very small" these days.

My heart soars 
when visiting other people's blogs. I thrive seeing their (your) cards and projects.

It's a pleasure
     watching individual styles evolve,
          sharing experiments tried and proven,
               and marveling over what each person most enjoys doing.

But what is very touching~

     is the support the Crafting Community offers to one another.

My heart melts when
   I see pretty finished products.


     I become downright sappy when reading some of the heartfelt comments left on other blogs (as well as my blog).

  • Very talented individuals lavish appreciative and encouraging comments to beginners, inspiring newbies to try even more techniques. 

  • Younger crafters encourage many older crafters, whose methods may be "out of style" and whose abilities may be waning.

  • Skilled individuals share knowledge with those who are struggling.

  • Some bloggers share personal problems or insecurities, fearfully yet openly. I see encouragement to those bloggers in the form of sincere words from others who possibly never know what their kind "morale building" has done for a wounded heart.

Kindness is everywhere, 
even when crafters are stretched out and "maxed out" with their time.

A hearty thank you to:

commenters and blogging friends for taking time to visit blogs and share their heartfelt, sweet wonderful words which bring a little sunshine in the lives of others.

No act of kindness is ever wasted. 
It flows forward in ways we never see.

Thanks for letting me be a bit sentimental.



brenda said...

A very emotive and heartfelt post Donna fully of sincere words and thoughts, thank you.

Also thank you for the beautiful digitalis flowers on your header, I did notice the change the other day and totally forgot to mention it. They are a flower very close to my heart and I love seeing them.

B x

KarinsArtScrap said...

Donna I totally agree with you.
I know there are beginners but they have to learn [ we did that also ].
But there are always are people who think they are better or more.
Hope I'm not one of them [ lol ]. let me know.

Gr Karin

Olga Jewell said...

well said........and thank you!!!

Linda said...

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and heartfelt post, Donna! You have expressed it so well!

Leslie Miller said...

My sentiments exactly. Thank you for putting it so beautifully into words. Hope you have a lovely day, my friend!

Pia S said...

Thanks for sharing this post, beautiful!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt post Donna. Your comments at my blog are always so appreciated, you are generous with kind words and I very much enjoy your enthusiasm. Take good care of yourself. Hugs, Shirleyxx

Tracey said...

I totally agree Donna :o) What a lovely post.

Anne Temple said...

Well said!

Lisa said...

You made me get all sentimental!! I wholeheartedly agree with you!! Beautiful post my friend!! It's what crafting is all about!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

NanaConnie said...

I love it when you're sentimental, Donna. You've certainly been one of those more experienced and skillful crafters who encouraged me when I was just stepping into the card making world. Had it not been for you, I doubt that I ever would have started a blog and that means I would have missed out on meeting so many new, Blogland friends who've been there for me as my journey progressed. Thank you, my friend, and I appreciate YOU! :-D

pam said...

What a beautiful post Donna, you have put your feeling so beautifully on your post.
I love to follow you on blog post and read what you say there, you can type with feelings and what`s is in your kind heart, you lift everyone's spirits with your kind and happy words..I for one Thank you sweet friend..
Hugs Pam x

Lori Kobular said...

What a very sweet post!! And it is true that the scrapbooking and cardmaking world is filled with wonderful, helpful and generous people!! Donna your posts are always so positive and uplifting! I love when I see that you have posted something on my blog because you are always so sweet!! Thank you for always visiting and commenting on my blog!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

I agree with everything you said, Donna! Commenting and uplifting people is one of my favourite things to do! I know how good I feel when I get a sweet comment so I like to pay it forward. Beautiful and heart-felt blog post, my friend!

Verna Angerhofer said...

My friend I certainly appreciate you. You were one of the persons who most helped me get my blog up and running and I am loving doing a blog. I owe you a great deal and am so grateful to you. Others have been encouraging to me as well and I hope I have been encouraging to others too. Just wanted you to know I agree with what you stated in this post too. I could not have said it better.

Karen said...

Oh Donna, you seem to get even more beautiful with each passing day... how is that even possible? This is why so many are drawn to you. Are you talented beyond belief? Yes! But your heart... your love-filled heart shines through all you do. You are a blessing to many... even more than you realize, I am certain. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us tonight, my dear friend. Your post was truly like a warm hug. :o) Wishing you every happiness, today and always.

Hugs and blessings,

maria's knutselplezier said...

What a lovely post dear Donna, I really appriciate all you nice words on my blog every time, you are such a nice and warm person, many thanks for that!!


Silvis Kreativstube said...

Hallo liebe Donna,
du sprichst mir aus der Seele. Deine Worte berühren mein Herz.
Ich habe sehr viel gelernt durch das bloggen. Ich experimentiere und ich freue mich wenn ich wundervolle Werke sehe. Gern schreibe ich wie sehr es mir gefällt. Ich muss gestehen, mir gefällt fast alles immer so sehr das die Worte der Begeisterung aus mir heraussprudeln.
Ich habe ein schweres Jahr hinter mir und habe lange überlegt, soll ich darüber schreiben wie schlecht ich mich fühle. Ich bin so froh das ich es getan habe denn ich habe gelesen wie wichtig es ist liebe Freunde zu haben. Freunde wie dich die einem Mut machen und beten damit es wieder gut geht. Ich bete für dich und wünsche mir das du noch ganz viele solcher wundervollen Beiträge schreiben kannst. Mögen dir die kreativen Ideen nie ausgehen. Herzliche Knuddelgrüße Hugs Silvi

Avril Watson said...

What a super heart felt post Donna. Could not agree with you more. I think we as individual's don't really see the beauty in our projects, and it is always fabulous to read posts from other crafters. Since joining Blogland and Facebook, I have found so many wonderful friends, some, I have been very fortunate to meet in person. I am one who shares my struggle with my Fibromyalgia, and I have also met some lovely friends with the same, illness. We are very good at supporting one another, and many a day, I end up with a smile on my face, no matter, how bad I feel. I also have some gorgeous friends who have battled or are battling the big "C" and feel honoured to share their journey, hopefully with the correct result. Keep Crafting my friend and Keep sharing...hugs xxxx

Sue said...

What a lovely post Donna and so true.

Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue

Pamellia Johnson said...

I'm with you all the way Donna. I so love reading the comments on my blog and I love visiting other blogs and leaving encouraging comments. It's a supportive community!! Wonderful post. hugs :)

KraftyKoolKat said...

What a lovely post sweetie. Love your very thoughtful words. We all need help and encouragement and to share our problems too.


Monica said...

Hi Donna,

How nice to have you visit, my soul friend.

Your post is so beautifully written and wisely put. Yes, all you say is true and I could not agree more with you. I miss blogging regularly as I juggle my life. I have started spending time meditating more than anything else and that gives me peace and raises my energy to a level that makes me function better.

Much love and gratitude for sharing so much wisdom with me,


*Vicki* said...

I can totally relate to what you're saying here Donna!! Even though this community seems to have gotten a bit smaller lately, I always look forward to seeing how one crafter supports another and hope that will never leave this community! Thanks for sharing! :)

Mandy LaCroix said...

What a well written and thoughtful post! I couldn't agree more and just love the paper crafting online community. Thank you for stopping by my blog with such kind words. And it was a real pleasure to pop over and read this! I was "grumpy" all morning and this was great therapy! :)
Craft hugs,

cotnob said...

A wonderful post Donna, so beautifully said - you always leave such encouraging comments on my blog and they are much appreciated.
I am not as good at putting things into words as you are but I always try to help and encourage when I can.

Patricia St Martin said...

Donna, Thank you for putting this on your blog. You are so right and as for me I try so hard to make comments and loving ones to encourage new ones and try to leave ideas for them but with loving tips. You are a wonderful blogging friend and their are several that are just like you.
Hugs Pat

Cara Malmrose said...

Wow Donna ... Well said. Thank you!
(HUGS) Cara

Petra Swart said...

Oh, what a lovely post, Donna!!!!! I totally agree with every word!!!! I'm not good at putting feelings and emotions into words and always wish I could do it!!! I always enjoy your posts as you are an expert when it comes to putting things onto 'paper'!!! Very often such wonderful words of wisdom!!!
Thank you so much for always visiting my blog and leaving such heartwarming comments, my friend!!! And I love visiting here to see your lovely cards and to leave some luv!!!!
Thinking of you and hoping you are well!!!!
Have a wonderful week!!!

MaryH said...

Don't think this is 'just sentimental' (although it is a bit)...but some very real insightful, heartfelt thoughts about this wonderful world of blogging, crafting and commenting. I especially liked your thoughts about how bloggers can be a support group for our fellow bloggers who may be having a particularly rough patch of life. I'm constantly amazed at the encouragement, kindness & generosity of those who visit me, and reading all the funny stories that sometimes are shared. Don't enjoy so much the sadder ones, but I also know that it helps that person to share their pain. And hopefully we can all give back, and in the sharing, offer some comfort to ease the path. Really a lovely post, and thank you for putting it to words! You're a big blessing to so many of us! Big Hugs.

crafty-stamper said...

A beautiful sentimental post and so true I love reading the lovely comments left on my blog and others when I am commenting -I was told when on my first DT always find something positive ont he card you are commenting on even if you don't agree with the style or image and have always remembered that -and I always actually read the post instead of just looking at the card and maybe try and leave a personal comment too -love your new blog header by the way
Carol x

Sue said...

WOW, Miss Donna, you do have a way with words. I know first hand how sharing with others makes such a big difference, because of you. And it is such fun to see what others are crafting. What I love about card makers, is they love to share the "how to"! A wonderful post, a reminder that kindness is all around us, we just have to chose to see it!!!


crafty-stamper said...

Hi Donna thank you for the comment on my card -and the wooden stamps I used are thin ones and am able to stamp round the image without a mask
Carol x

coldwaters2 said...

What a wonderful tribute to the crafters of blogland Donna I agree with everything that is written here, you have such a kind heart
lorraine x

Linda Vich said...

Donna, this is a lovely post! I think you should take credit for being a great encourager to many of us. I feel like a ray of sunshine shines down on me every time I read one of your well written and helpful comments! Keep spreading your warmth and cheer—we need more people like you in this world 😀

Dawn Lancaster said...

Beautifully put Donna! It's great too see how craft brings so many people together & lasting friendships are made between people who may not have met!
Dawn xx

Karen D. said...

how true Donna! I feel it everyday and some of my friends I have never met IRL.

Jean Bullock said...

Well said, dear Friend. Well said! Giant hugs!


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