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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I Repaired My Blogger Blog!

 I probably should not have jinxed myself by the title of this post, but I finally repaired

the "takes forever to load" portion of my blog.

Maybe my fix will help you as well.

I've been using the new blogger on and off since February, providing lots of feedback to Google. But when Google finally made the changeover,

THEY BROKE MY BLOG! It took forever to load.

So I removed everything in the side bar except for my followers. All the gadgets and pictures, and goodies that made my blog "mine" were deleted. All the links, even to other blogs, were removed. Interesting, my other 3 blogs worked just fine, even WITH the gadgets I had deleted from my main blog. HOW FRUSTRATING!

Then I recalled that beneath each of my blog posts, I used to have a little blurb that said, "if you like this post, you may enjoy these", and there were 5 thumbnails of other photos from posts on my blog. If you clicked on one of those, it took you directly to the post.

Like many other platforms, with this latest change, BLOGGER will NO LONGER SUPPORT many other platforms, widgets and gadgets. The trick is to find them in the LAYOUT section of your blog.

I wish I had taken a photo of what the blog layout looked like BEFORE I deleted the offending gadget. Please click on the photo below to see it full size so you can read all the elements. Let me know if this works on your blog, too, especially if you were using a "skin" from another vendor, or added some HTML that no longer is compatible with the new blogger.

Wouldn't it have been nice if the BLOGGER folks had warned us about the possibility of other products not functioning, in order to prevent all this frustration and wasting our time?

Best Wishes,