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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I Repaired My Blogger Blog!

 I probably should not have jinxed myself by the title of this post, but I finally repaired

the "takes forever to load" portion of my blog.

Maybe my fix will help you as well.

I've been using the new blogger on and off since February, providing lots of feedback to Google. But when Google finally made the changeover,

THEY BROKE MY BLOG! It took forever to load.

So I removed everything in the side bar except for my followers. All the gadgets and pictures, and goodies that made my blog "mine" were deleted. All the links, even to other blogs, were removed. Interesting, my other 3 blogs worked just fine, even WITH the gadgets I had deleted from my main blog. HOW FRUSTRATING!

Then I recalled that beneath each of my blog posts, I used to have a little blurb that said, "if you like this post, you may enjoy these", and there were 5 thumbnails of other photos from posts on my blog. If you clicked on one of those, it took you directly to the post.

Like many other platforms, with this latest change, BLOGGER will NO LONGER SUPPORT many other platforms, widgets and gadgets. The trick is to find them in the LAYOUT section of your blog.

I wish I had taken a photo of what the blog layout looked like BEFORE I deleted the offending gadget. Please click on the photo below to see it full size so you can read all the elements. Let me know if this works on your blog, too, especially if you were using a "skin" from another vendor, or added some HTML that no longer is compatible with the new blogger.

Wouldn't it have been nice if the BLOGGER folks had warned us about the possibility of other products not functioning, in order to prevent all this frustration and wasting our time?

Best Wishes,


Mac Mable said...

Thank you for your help and advice Donna and I hope you are keeping well? x I tried the new blogger for the first time for my recent post and I shall check the things you blogged about.....Thanks again x.

Linda Simpson said...

Oh no poor you, nothing worse than when technology throws a spanner in the works. I hope you are keeping well and thanks for the information.
Linda xxx

Chris said...

Glad you fixed your blog Donna, thanks for the advice.
Hope you're keeping well.

Jackie T said...

Thank you for the advice. I hope you are keeping well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Lena said...

Hi Donna. Thanks for the advice. I don't have that problem at the moment, but kept this information in case it happens in the future.
Stay safe and keep well.

crafty-stamper said...

Hi Donna great to see you back well fingers crossed I have had no problems with the new blogger she says tempting fate !!!but thank you fo the advice
Carol x

Verna Angerhofer said...

I feel so bad that you had so much trouble. I only tried the new blogger once and went right back to the old one. So far I have not had too much trouble. I hope it continues that way. Take care and hope all is well for you now.

NanaConnie said...

Thank you, my friend, for this post. So far, I haven't had any problem with slow loading on my blog but then, I reverted back to the Legacy version of Blogger after working with the new version for more than a month (and portions of other months earlier.) During that time, I sent in reports to Blogger about the various problem areas which were popping up and about important and useful things which were now lacking in the new platform.
Until Blogger forces me (kicking & screaming) into the new version, I remain wedded to the Legacy format and will thumb my nose at Blogger for "fixing" things which weren't broken and which worked perfectly well.

Mia said...

Glad to see you back, Donna.
Thank you so much for the advice.
It seems that until now everything is OK with my blog.
Hugs, my friend,

Monica C. said...

These changes can be so challenging at times. But I do like the new style.

Janette said...

Thanks for the help, I have been an on off with the new blogger but it drives me mad, I will try this out but all I keep thinking was this needed.!!!!!....thanks for the help.x

Stampsnob. said...

Mind boggling Lis

cotnob said...

It sounds like you had a bit of a marathon Donna, I'm glad it didn't beat you.
I haven't had many problems with mine, just a few when writing new posts - finger's crossed and touching wood!
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

KraftyKoolKat said...

I had loads of problems with the new blogger and opted to go back to the old. Praying to the Lord that I can continue with it.

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Donna, lovely to see you here and that youve managed to fix your blogger, thanks for sharing.
I hope you are feeling so much better, Kate x x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Lovely to see you here, hope alls well. I have only had a few issues with new blogger and they seem to have corrected themselves this last week. Fingers Crossed. Sending Hugs, Hazel x

Donna said...

So nice to see a post from you Donna. Hope you are doing okay. The new blogger has been interesting. Always appreciate your tips!

aussie aNNie said...

Thanks De, what a pain, but glad you are wise enough to get onto the issue.....thanks for your sweet words

Conniecrafter said...

that is terrible that you had to totally get rid of everything in order for it to work, good that you were able to figure it out and get it working again, all I can say is I hate change anymore, luckily I have been able to figure most of it out, I hate how you hit the return and it gives two spaces, let me decide how many spaces I want would be nice! You are always so good at helping us out with our problems!
Hope you are doing well.

Wendy L said...

Thanks for the info, fingers crossed mine seems to be ok, x

sallysbitz2 said...

I am so glad you have sorted it. As yet I have not encountered any problems.

hugs sally x

Margarets designer cards said...

This new blogger has been a real learning curve, I am glad you got it sorted hopefully no more problems for you

KT Fit Kitty said...

This was interesting, Donna. I am sorry to read that you had to delete so many gadgets that personalized your blog. That stinks! I'm impressed that you were able to figure out what was causing the problem but not surprised at all as you have always been so tech-savvy (unlike me). I have not been blogging lately so I have not even tried the New Blogger - Yikes! I just can't be bothered - my mind is boggled by the thought of it. I think I looked at it one day and then reverted back. Too many other priorities right now. Hope you are having some good days, my friend. I think of you often and pray you are getting some relief from your pain. Sending hugs!

Beebeebabs said...

Thanks for sharing - How is my girl - take it easy and stay safe my friend. Miss you!!!

Lori m said...

So happy you found the fix, I didn't do well with the new blog format and went back to my original one, thanks for the info, hugs, Lori m

pinky said...

Thanks so much Donna. I will certainly be following your advice when they push me over permanently!!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh wow wowie wow, Donna! Of course, you remember that we talked about this so you know my blog was loading slowly. Well, I took out the LinkWithin gadget and now it loads instantly! OMG, thank you! You are always so good to share your findings and solutions with us. Sorry it took me so long to get here. Funny how a 5 day camping trip took twice that many days away from my routine, but I have to say it's a good thing to break the routine now and then. I feel like I'm off to a fresh start now. Wish I could give you a big hug!

Donna Ellis said...

So glad it helped, Leslie! I’ve noticed several slow loading blogs, and feel the owners’ pain. Other people don’t even realize that their blogs are slow loading. Thanks for sharing your happiness. And yes, I see it corrected your blog, too!

Beebeebabs said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Inkyfingers said...

Thanks for these tips. Donna. I have just moved over to the new platform and am trying to get my head around it.
I hope you are well. Take care.
Carol x

Sue said...

This is very good to know Donna, I hate the new blogger, I uploaded a photo in the wrong place and I could NOT get rid of it! Take care and have a great week, Sue xx

Karen Dunbrook said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all the problems you are having. Yes, Blogger can be so very frustrating some days. I was struggling with that just the other day.
Hope you made it right,
xx Karen

Kathy said...

I would appreciate if you have time visit my blogs and see what you think might be problem. Gadgets does not appear in the place you show on your screen print. But I'm afraid it could be the background or any of things...
my card making blog is
and my other blog (haven't written anyhting much just yet is

Is blogger the same blogspot? It's what I started with years ago
If you are busy, I'm not looks like you have a lot going on!
Smiles Kathy