My blog is called "Creative Smiles" because my designs are the result of incorporating mistakes. With fumble fingers that drop whatever they are holding - repeatedly, it takes a lot of giggles, smiles and creative patience during my crafting process. xx

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

to my blogging friends

Thanks to all my followers - this is especially for my friends who follow.

After a good 9 months of continued exacerbations which, unfortunately, barely remit before another exacerbation hits, I've been forced with a decision. I need to take a blog break to figure out exactly what my new limitations and abilities are. Some things my fumble fingers were capable of, have declined considerably, and my hand-eye coordination is basically non-existent right now.

I'm only sharing because in the past, I was accused of being "snobbish", or individuals have asked if I was angry with them. Neither is the case - I'm just overwhelmed, trying to do the smallest of things such as brushing my teeth, doing e-mail, loading the dishwasher or even showering. After discussing this with hubby and good friend Anne Temple, I'm going to take a blog break - hopefully only a month or so - as Jack and I figure out where my new plateau is, and which abilities are comfortable abilities, as opposed to no-longer-my-abilities-but-I-am-in-denial-because-I-still-want-them-to-be-abilities.

Thanks for understanding - and I hope you will bear with me til you see my re-emergence!

hugs and kisses,