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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Subscribe by Email

Greetings to my Blogging Followers!

Like many others, I have switched to "" as my choice of "subscribe by email", since Feedburner is no longer offering the service.  The people at were extremely pleasant and helpful, even though I opted for the free service. They even moved most of my followers over when I emailed the list of email addresses to import.

The major difference you will see is in the "from" section of the emails, which will now say "" instead of Creative Smiles.

I hope you don't mind that I've done that on your behalf. Please know how important your comments are to me. My life is very "little" since being homebound the last 20 years, and I treasure your kind friendships.

If you prefer to follow by email, and don't already receive emails from my blog, please visit my blog, and look in the right side bar. Scroll to the 4th item in the sidebar, and enter your email address. Thank you so much!

Now, for my poor Hoya Carnosa (Hindu Rope). Unfortunately, last Autumn it was in the way of some (supposedly plant friendly) overspray from the roof, and has some yellow streaks now. But check out the blooms. The plant also scales upward another 6 feet in addition to the hanging portion. The blooms are velvety soft when they open, but look like hard wax while closed:

Wishing you all the best this summer (and winter for my "Down Under" buddies!


Jackie T said...

Hi Donna your plant is gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Anne Buckingham said...

OMG!!! Your rope hoya is fabulous. So many blooms! Mine is healthy but not yet ready to bloom.

carrie said...

Great pictures of your plant with so many blossoms at once. Mine usually has a lot of blossoms, but not all in the same area as yours. I have always known this plants name to be the Lipstick Plant.

Monica C. said...

Wow, you do have green fingers too. That plant is gorgeous!
I need to apply my mind to my email list now that I am home again.
Hugs Monica

Aimeslee Winans said...

Hey Donna Hey!!! You are fixed up and ready for action with All a-o-kay on my end. I sure wish I had a big screened in porch like you do, even only for the skeeters but I think it somehow holds humidity for the plants. I let all my flowerbeds go once my Arthurs came to visit and right now all we have to look at is a wild Lantana bush that is through blooming but it was magnificent while it did. And my 40-year-old airplane plant Honey transplanted to a big planter and we thought we lost in Feb. during that freeze we had but she is back! And then Honey's poor sago palm that did die but is growing little side shutes. And that's it! Poor me. Honey doesn't prune the crepe myrtle in the front yard so the blooms are sparse there but I never see them anyway since I don't hardly ever go out in front. Anyway, I'm so happy you have your plants...and US! Big hugs!!! xoxo

Conniecrafter said...

I think that is the way I am going to go for my blog too, but haven't got around to it yet, I know I really need to make that a priority I just plan and simple hate change I guess, but you made me feel like I may be able to figure this out :)
Wow that flower is gorgeous and amazing how it looks closed and then open!

Lori m said...

Beautiful flowers, how lovely to see such beauty out your window each day, gorgeous, hugs, Lori m

Sue said...

Hi Donna, I have the email notification thingy, but I check the blogs I follow every day anyway.

That plant is beautiful. Sue

cuilliesocks said...

Thank you Donna. I tied to set up and only got so far, I'm hopeless with these kinds of things.
Your plants are amazing, Kate x

Donna Phelan said...

Thanks! Just switched over too! (fingers crossed lol)