Friday, March 03, 2017

Google IDs

Hi! Most of us use Google's Blog format. Some of us use a Google + ID, and others use a Blogger ID.

Did you know you can use both, whether you have Google + or not?

Trying to find an email address or personal blog link on a person's Google+ ID can be frustrating at times if the proper information has not been added.

So this is how you can add it to your own ID. Why should you do this? It will increase the number of return visits and comments on your blog.

Go to your Google+ Profile page.

You will see a boldly colored graphic at the top of the page, with your photo in a little circle at the bottom left of that graphic, with your name. Tot the right, in white letters, it says “ABOUT” and then has three dots and then has a white button that says EDIT PROFILE.


A smaller window opens up. It says EDIT PROFILE. Directly under it is the small graphics logo with your photo. Just to the right of your photo is a circle with the letter "i" in it. Click that.

Another window opens that says ABOUT ME - CONTROL WHAT PEOPLE SEE ABOUT YOU.

Where it says PERSONAL CONTACT INFO, put in your email address (that will allow people to hit reply to your comments on their blog, and reply to you via email if they want to)

To the right is a square that says SITES.

Click the pencil to edit.

A small window pops up.

You should be offered several options I believe. One should be CONTRIBUTOR TO. Click on the plus sign and paste your blog link into it. Be sure to check mark CURRENT. Then click OK on the bottom right.

Hope that helps!

You deserve to have people find your blog and return the favor of comments, right? 



Lori Kobular said...

OMG!! I laughed quite a bit over the little cartoon! That is me with any electronic device in the house! I know if I touch it once it is my fault whenever it breaks down in the future! I don't even touch our vcr or vcp, whatever the thing is called where you put the movie disk in and you watch it for fear when and if it breaks in the future it will be somehow blamed on me!! Too, too funny! I think I have mine fixed now! Thanks for all the instructions!!

Lisa said...

You are so sweet to post this info, my friend!! Going to check on mine now!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

DIANA L. said...

umh what is is called and what does it do again- i think I need to check mine to. thanks for the info.

Martine Smith said...

Thanks Dahling
Have a good weekend xxx😘

Petra Swart said...

Thanks for this, Donna - will check mine!!!!

LOVE the little cartoon - had me smiling!!!!!! TFS!!!

Have a great day, my friend!!!!

aussie aNNie said...

Thanks for the informative information De, you rock.xx

Linda Simpson said...

Thank you for sharing this information Donna much appreciated.
Linda xxx

Linda said...

I loved the cartoon, Donna! And thank you so much for sharing this information. :)

KT Fit Kitty said...

Thanks for the info, Donna! I don't think I have a Google+ ID as I didn't join Google+ but I do have my email included on my Blogger profile. I hope it still works! So many changes - you are always on top of all this tech stuff! Very impressive!

Conniecrafter said...

You are so sweet to share all this stuff for us that don't have a clue what we are doing, I will have to check that out later. Oh my goodness that carton gave me quite the laugh, oh what anxiety these computers can give us at times.

Beebeebabs said...

Thanks for the info. No I wish I could draw like that - an artist by the name of Robert Jackson

MaryH said...

Aw, this cartoon took me back to work days, and I can relate to the problems here. So funny. Also thanks for this informative post. I was having a problem getting back to Google+ users as I didn't have that. Had problems with regular blogger some time back, and a very kind person explained to me, how to back out of it, so that my blogger problems disappeared. So nervous ever after about trying it again. Finally - just re-created the profile, and hoping it doesn't cause my former blogger issues to return. I'll try to make sure I've dotted the 'i' & crossed the 't' after reading this post. TFS

Pia S said...

Hehe, lovevthe cartoon bit. And thanks for sharing useful info.

Stampsnob. said...

Not sure I did that right and really not sure what it is for but did it any way .LOLL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lis


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