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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a Color Combo Swap with FS friends

Hi! Our Florida Stamp Group is doing a color-combo swap taken from Definitely not colors I would choose to use together!

So where to start? I'm still in the "using old stuff" mode, so out came the Tria Inks and glossy cardstock. Anyone remember those Tria Inks which came out long before Tim Holtz thought of creating alcohol inks?

This sunny background was created with my Tria Inks in magenta, orange, lime green and a silver Krylon Pen, in a technique we called "polished stone" (back in the day LOL).  Even the Sun stamp is old, old, old from The Artful Stamper in California. I'm happy to see they are still in business. It's stamped in another old old item - Sepia Brown Memories Ink. The green isn't showing up particularly well, but everything else is. The "new thing" on the card is Sparkle N Sprinkle Evening Glow glitter adhered with Brushable Glue to make it stay put.

(To see the details better, just click on the photo.) As the verse claims, "It's the small things in life that are the most precious." Ahhhh, that includes using OLD STUFF in the craft closet. :-)
Thanks for stopping by!


Stampin' Hands have Happy Hearts said...

How pretty!! Love the colors and the silver in it:) Glad to see you playing with the old can't feel left out!

Barbara Bruder said...

What a very pretty card. i love all the colors and how they work together. This card is a beauty!!

Donna Maligno said...

OMG1 I forgot all about Tria -- I have a box full and the colors are as luscious as your sample. Did they go out of business? Beee-ooo-tiful card!

Shirley said...

Actually both photos are outstanding! Some of the prettiest polished stone I have seen!


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