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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wanna See My Blob?

Hello~ It's not a typo! 

Wanna See My Blob (not blog) is exactly right!

Originally titled "Recycled and Deconstructed Christmas"

... but... 

"Wanna See My Blob?" 

is much more appropriate at this point.

blob    BLOB   blob    Blobbbbbbbb

but first --
my card is created with a pretty recycled image from a store-bought Christmas card, and then a few enhancements, including... The Blob!

Isn't this sketch so pretty?

I'm delighted to play in The Deconstructed Sketch Challenge for the first time!


Want to see my blob?  

To achieve this blob look, apply glue to back of bow, then accidentally drop the bow (due to fumble fingers) onto your project.

Carefully pick the bow up, only to drop it a second time FACE DOWN on top of the glue which just transferred from the bow!

Next, attempt to mask the glue blobs now on the bow, with a little red glitter. But drop the spoon first, so that the glitter falls on top of the white glitter, right where the glue transfer took place from dropping the bow the first time.

Then, after trying to brush off the unwanted red glitter, 
just recognize that the situation is hopeless, adhere the bow, and let it go! After all, it's still a pretty card 

here is a better view of The Blob

Welcome to my life with every layer and embellishment I add to a card and now you know why Fumble Fingers is my middle name.

Do you see the several other blunders on this oh-so-pretty Christmas card? If you can find them, point them out to me in a comment, and I'll put your name in another time for this month's blog candy drawing.

TIP: With a VersaMarker, I covered the white area around the reindeer, coated it with Sparkle Embossing Powder and heat set.

TIP: The red glitter is adhered with SNS Brushable Glue in the scallop area, and with SNS Tear-ific Tape on the inside of the card.

TIP: To camouflage the shiny "sticker" part of the gold rhinestone flourish, SNS Golden Rod Velvet Glitter was applied, and then gently brushed off.

The ribbon is adhered with some Fabric Glue, and, inadvertently, so is some of the red glitter.

The poor, dear (now battered) bow was created on the Craft-dee Bowz tool.

Fabulous Challenges this card is submitted to:

Supplies Used in this project:

Recycled store bought Christmas Card (reindeer image)
CB Holly Ribbons 5x7 embossing folder
IO Pine Branch die
SB Fleur de Lis die
MS Scallop Punch
Adhesives: SNS 1/2 inch Tear-ific Tape, Aileen's Quick Dry, Dimensionals, regular tape
Paper: White, Red, Green, Gold Glossy cardstock
Wine Satin Ribbon, Sticker flourish,
SNS Fire Engine Red ultrafine glitter
SNS Sparkle Embossing Powder EP107
SNS Brushable Glue
SNS Golden Rod Velvet Glitter
SNS Fabric Glue

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy my blob today! Remember, find some other boo-boo's on this card, leave them in your comment (along with a little sugar, of course), and have your name submitted another time for April's blog candy (a Papertrey Ink set).

PS - this card was also shown as inspiration on the 4-25 Jingle Bells inspiration moment post.

Stamping hugs,


KarinsArtScrap said...

wow gorgeous christmas card Donna.

greetings karin

SmilynStef said...

The glue blob on the ribbon just looks like a few flakes of melted snow ... which goes perfectly with your lovely holiday design ... so thrilled to have you join us at jingle belles.

McCrafty's Cards said...

I thought the blob was ment to be there lol, even with your blob this card is stunning Donna, I like the design the glitter the fern and the beautiful bow.
Kevin xx

Ab Fab Designs said...

Well the blob looks just great to me and the card is a wowser
Big hugs xxx

Angelique said...

Gorgeous card. Love the gold and bling. It's a real eyecatcher.
Thank you for joining us at 613 Avenue Create


Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Donna, I did a double take when I saw your b.l.o.g. come up at the top of my blog roll... I didn't think it said blog or blob... maybe you can guess what I first thought I saw? Anyways, I was glad that it said blob:) Your card is stunning and I wouldn't have noticed the blob that looks just like it should be there. But it is frustrating when we drop things with glue on top of our projects. Hugs, Shirleyx

Sue said...

OMG, and your able to laugh about all that, your story was funny, but not the fact that your beautiful card got glitter on it where you didin't want any. Need to add some random snowflakes and cover that spot with one. Love the colors and the gold and the sparkles. I love that IO die and it looks spectacular in gold. Like I always told them in classes I taught, it's just paper.............


Dawn said...

Hi Donna, I like to drop things too - but I usually reserve that for inked sentiment stamps on top of coloured images. You would think I would learn lol.

Your card is gorgeous, Donna. All the layers and die cuts are so elegant. I tried really hard to spot some other blunders, but I failed.

Hugs, Dawn

Sue - bearhouse said...

Your card is gorgeous Donna. I really love the colour scheme and such a beautiful bow. I think your 'blob' adds to the charm of your card and gives it more character!
Hugs Sue xx

Mema's Crafts said...

Nicely done and funny post. Thanks for the smile. Thanks for taking time to join us at Mema's Crafts. We wish you luck and hope you will come again soon. (there's a giveaway going on if you missed it)


Barbara Bruder said...

No mistakes, just opportunities. LOL
Love your card, very elegant!! Perfect job of recycling. Beautiful bow!!

pam said...

well your card is gorgeous Donna, Blob or no Blob, beautiful design

Debi said...

The card is awesome. I laughed through the whole post. And try as I might I could find no other blunders. Love how the elegant bow is woven through the die cut. Nice touch. Would you mind if taught this blob technique at my next make & take table?

Sharon said...

Hi Donna. Thank you for your lovely comments regarding my card posted to Scrapbook Society. I have now added the link so that, if you would still like to, you can visit my blog.
Your cards are gorgeous Donna, have enjoyed my visit and am following you with bloglovin.
Hugs Sharon, x

creativearts said...

I would never have thought you had a blob because it blends in with the card. Lovely card and I love the deer cut out of gold.

Carol (Gingerbeary8) said...

Donna there are only very small portion of cardmakers that can make the ultimate perfect card. I don't know how many boo boo's I have covered up with die cuts. I know you can find a pretty die cut to put on either side of that bow and you will never notice the difference. That's what makes our cards One-Of-A-Kind. You wouldn't be able to do the blog again even if you I like how you just roll with the punches girl. It's a gorgeous card. Have a wonderful evening!
Bear Hugs,

NanaConnie said...

Oh, De, I'm just laughing so hard at that whole 'blob' story! Gorgeous card, and I couldn't even look for any other mistakes; I was enjoying how you brightened my day. Love all the little tips you gave us. Now, putting on my (new) DT hat for 613 Avenue Create, I'm so glad you played along in the Anything Goes part of our challenge. I love seeing your work, hon. :-D
NanaConnie DT

Julie Z said...

Hey Donna - You have to stop letting all your secrets out lol! I was sure you meant to add glitter to the bow! (And you're a better person than I - I would have been sooo stressed over something like that - you know I would have! I'm going to have to learn to let it go more like you!)

Bea-u-ti-ful card! Love the colors and all the sparkle.

And other mistakes? Really? I certainly don't see anything!

Brenda said...

Breathtaking! Love the boldness of the colors.

Berni Cuttino said...

Donna your cards are stunning, thanks for the smile.

Leslie Miller said...

Well... if there must be a blob, let it be a pretty red glittery blob. Try as I might, I can't see any additional boo boos. I just see a very pretty card in gorgeous colors and a lovely, creative design. Nice recycling job. I know the original was nowhere near this pretty, but the gold reindeer makes a nice focal point. Love the way you glittered up the mat around him. Finally, I'd like to thank you for making me laugh (with you). There's not a soul among stampers who can't relate to your experience.

Eret said...

Absolutely stunning card, Donna. If you haven't said anything about the blob, I wouldn't thought that it was a mistake. I love the glitter on the bow. As hard as I tried I didn't
't saw any boo boos on your card. I might need a stronger glasses :)

Monica said...

Hi Donna, first of all I CANNOT believe that this has been recycled from a store bought card. So rich and I love all the texture. The blobby bit made me laugh... yet it looks pretty, Donna. It looks like a part of the design. VERY pretty.
Monica xxx

Shona Erlenborn said...

You're such a riot! Of course it's another gorgeous creation! Had you not said anything about the blob, no-one would have thought it wasn't supposed to be there, however I'm glad you did, 'cause it started my Monday morning with a good laugh!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Sometimes our "oops" turn out to be the most wonderful and dramatic and beautiful creations. That surely is the case with yours. I love your card. Only other possible little blunder I saw on it was a bit of extra red glitter on the white panel in the left lower corner. But then I am partially blind in one eye and who knows if I can see straight or not. LOL And, after being without internet for the past day due to an ice storm it was so fun to read your post and get a good jump start to my week with a chuckle. Thanks so much.

Glenda Atkins said...

It's a beautiful card and if there are other 'blobs' on it I sure couldn't tell. But I did have a great laugh when reading the write-up, too funny and more so because we have all been there!

PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

WOW Thisis gorgeous. I adore the beautiful colours and that you havent picked totally typical christmas colours (ie darkish green). The glitter card and embellishments finish it off perfectly.

Hugs Lisa xxxx

Brenda said...

The "blob" doesn't detract at all - it's a gorgeous card!!!

~Tammy~ said...

This is gorgeous! I have the biggest fingers when I craft!!! I drop and fumble and smudge! happens! (to me more often than I wish) :-)))Your card is a real beauty!

Shelby said...

Love the rich Christmas colors you've used and the textures are just stunning. Great card


Ivory Moon said...

Ooooo Donna ... I LOVE this BLOB ..... if only my blobs turned out as good as yours ..

Thanks for stopping by my bloG hun really appreciate it and for leaving a lovely comment ...

Looking forward to seeing your next bloB xxx

Tina xxx

Sian Ridley said...

Ha ha ha ha! This post is just brilliant! I am the WORST for making mistakes - if I make one I have to start again entirely, I can't let it go. I think maybe I should be less worried because you're right, this is still a beautiful card, and had you not pointed it out, I wonder how many people would really have noticed your now infamous 'blob'??!!!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment over on my blog, it was so kind ;) You'll be pleased to know that the roses ARE a stamp! It's a little Kanban set, called Roses I believe!? I did used to draw things like that though and if I ever get around to doing so again I shall certainly take you up on your offer, you're so sweet! :)

I'm off to check out your other posts now! :)

Kristi said...

Well, I think this card is lovely,blob and all! It's so funny sometimes how we are trying to make everything so perfect, but it just keeps getting worse and worse!
Thanks for the recent visit to my blog and the sweet comment!


April said...

Beautiful card, Donna, even with the blob. Love all the elements!

Ivana Camdzic said...

Hi sweet Donna! Firstly, I want to send you a HUGE thank you for visiting my blog and commenting - I appreciate it so much! And secondly, I am in LOVE with your blog! Your cards are simply gorgeous! And no matter how hard I look - I can't see the flaw! Your card is just beautiful! xo

Sue from Oregon said...

I tell ya-some of my fave cards come from blunders, When I get lovely cards with boo boo's-I always send them to my a crafter she treasures all by boo boo's too!

lauren bergold said...

OMG! toooooo funny!!! totally sounds like something i would do, lol! and yet, i have to tell you, i had not even noticed said "BLOB" :) :) :) until you pointed it out, and even then, there are sooooo many lovely details & embellishments on this card that a little more lovely red glitter is just NOT a problem at all, the more the merrier i say!!! ♥ plus i think by saving and working with the card, "boo boo" and all, you have really REALLY joined in the spirit of our earth day special at JINGLE BELLES... it would've been a crime to let this one get away! ♥♥♥

Marianne said...

Gorgeous card! I was just checking out the entries for this week's JB challenge and the reindeer and border were simply popping off the screen. I would simply call your blob a happy accident. I've made a few of those myself LOL.

Marisa Job said...

What a pretty card!! Very elegant!!

Wendy H said...

Oh, Donna, you're a card. It's beautiful and if you haven't have told me I wouldn't have known you had made an error. When I first saw it, I thought how beautiful it was, with it's rich colours. I'm sorry but I can't be entered into the candy because I can't find anything wrong with it. Hope you're ok. By the way, thank you for tidying up the names on the FP team. I'm just going and putting them on my blog so that I have my own list. Take care. Wendy from FP xx

Anne Temple said...

Love all the different elements and layers. This card is gorgeous (even with your blob - which no one would think was a mistake unless you told them). :-)

Tip Top said...

Now I thought things like that just happen to me!! Thank you for joining in at Crimbo Crackers – hope you can join me again for the next challenge! Crimbo Crackers


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