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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Quickie

NOTE: reminder for my blog candy on my blog post here. Ends March 31.

Hi! A simple card share for you today, but first, a word from our sponsors.

I miss visiting your dear blogs this week. I have a condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka Myalgic Encephalitis. Some doctors label it as Chronic EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) or chronic Mononucleosis. Or maybe those last two are just the "sometimes results" of CFS/ME. Or maybe possible precursors - or who knows? Researchers certainly don't, as there is no cure.

Whatever it is, it has hit rather hard, with the usual aching, feverish ickiness, and the amount of discomfort and fatigue is too overwhelming to even sit here for long. I've never shared this on-line, and seldom with friends, so I'm kind of embarrassed because I don't want to come off as a whiner.

But the real whining is that I'm just too tired to visit blogs and type a comment in response to your beautiful artwork which always reflects a portion of your heart to my feasting eyes.

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

It took a while to create this little card, and several days to write the post because of the fatigue. (smile). Actually, I wanted to do the resist technique, and none of my attempts came out right, so I probably was not thinking clearly enough to do it LOL

When you are not feeling yourself, do you also have trouble doing the simplest of things?

The easiest technique is what I ultimately opted for, when all else fails:

stamping the silhouette on Cloud Nine Velvet Glitter from Sparkle N Sprinkle.

The partial image is also from an amazing new Nature set at Sparkle N Sprinkle simply labeled "Silhouettes".

It is on sale until the end of the month - $11.89 for the entire set of 4 images and and 5 versatile, dear sentiments.

The card was made for a recent swap in the Florida Stampers Yahoo Group. My swap partner this month is Lis, a professional maker of beautiful hand-made papers.

Products used:

Cloud Nine Velvet Glitter from Sparkle N Sprinkle
"Silhouettes" stamp set from Sparkle N Sprinkle
Copic Markers from SNS (they also have a club to purchase a few monthly and receive a free storage container)
Swan Wing Tinsel Glitter from SNS
Sparkle Embossing Powder from SNS
Spellbinders Decorative Labels 8 and regular Labels 8, and Fancy Tags Two
SU scallop oval
Brad, hand cut flower from dryer sheet
Ink: Pink Sherbet, Cloudy Blue, Staz-on Ultramarine
Cardstock: White, Navy, Pink

Thanks for stopping by - I look forward to trying to make the rounds as soon as I can.

sleepy hugs,


kren said...

That is a beautiful card and that set is wonderful as well. TFS! kk

Wendy H said...

Hi Donna, Sorry you're not feeling too good at the moment, or should I say worse than you normally do. I hope you feel a little better soon so that you can continue with your beautiful card amking. Yes, I often feel that I can't create when I'm not feeling well or stressed out like I do at the moment. I have 2 DT cards to make, one by today!! and another by Monday and I'm afraid my heart is just not in it at the moment. Neither have I visited all the blogs that I would normally. You're lucky, you just happened to be at the top of the listing in blogger!!

Your card is beautiful. I love the image, the colouring and the die cuts.

Take care.

Wendy xx

Anne Temple said...

Your card is beautiful and I so want that die set and the rubber stamp set. Love everything about it, especially the coloring and stamping on Cloud Nine. You aren't whining at all and I hope you feel more like yourself soon. {Whining would be talking about it every post :-) and you definitely don't do that!}

Brenda said...

Simply elegant!!! May you have more "up" days than down days, my friend!!!
You know I'm expecting it in my mail LOL

brenda said...

Stunning creation Donna.

Do rest, I have MS so totally understand the fatigue issues and sometimes we are our own worse enemies pushing ourselves too hard.

B x

McCrafty's Cards said...

Wow Donna what a beautiful card, I like the design the stamp the flower, all of it is fabulous!
Kevin xx

Debi said...

This card is lovely. I had a feeling you weren't feeling well. Do what you need to do for you, girlfriend. Thoughts and prayers headed your way!

creativearts said...

Love your card, De, and perfectly understand the "health" issue. This is a beautiful stamp set and it is going on my wish list. Take care of yourself and rest....

NanaConnie said...

It's awesome, Donna! I dearly love all the die cut layers -- just gorgeous. I'm keeping you in prayers, my sweet friend. :-D

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Donna, Love your card, the die cuts are fabulous and I ordered them after seeing them here:) I hope that you gain some energy back soon. I can't create when I don't feel myself to answer your question. Be kind to you ! take care, Shirleyxx

Cammy404 said...

Oh Donna! I hope that you feel like yourself soon. Sometimes we feel like we "need" to do everything....but you know what, sometimes being strong means we sometimes we need to be taken care of too. Please get lots of rest and don't worry too much about anything else. If anything, please don't hesitate if you need anything!
I am just amazed at how gorgeous this card is! I can easily see how it would take awhile to make! So lovely!! I don't think that it is just you though, I have been having problems with my cards too. Not sure why but it is now taking me over a few days to come up with a card. I think that it has to do with the lovely weather. Wink.wink.
I really DO hope that you get some rest and do as the Doc says. Feel better soon.

Monica said...

Hello dearest Donna,

I admire your honesty in sharing your health condition on the blog - it is NO whining at all. You are such an admirable person, the love you leave for me to read makes me so happy. May that happiness come back to you in the form of healing.
Your card is a real BEAUTY. The intricate nesties look so delicate with the lovely colour combo you have chosen.
I hope a little bit of rest will help.
Much love and gratitude for all the love you give,
Monica xxx

Berni Cuttino said...

Firstly, sending hugs and get well blessings. This card is so lovely, loving those dies.

Gerlinde said...

Love the color combination on your card, Donna! The glittery center with those dies make it so elegant! Take care of yourself - your work is amazing - it doesn't matter if it takes you a little longer - it's well worth waiting for! Hugs and get well wishes!

Carolyn said...

Hi Donna
So sorry to hear you are not well....I hope this has not been since I saw you last week. I know you do suffer.

I love your is fabulous for a quickie. I have the die set that you used for the outer parts but what did you use for the center. It goes so well with the other set.
Take it easy and rest up friend....

Shona Erlenborn said...

I'm so sorry you are not feeling up to par Donna. The card, however, does not reflect that at all. It's totally gorgeous, just like you! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Sue said...

What a gorgeous card. Love the dies you used and the technique too. So very pretty. Hard to be creative when your not feeling well. Feel better, everyone will still be here when your well enough to play.


April said...

Donna, this is gorgeous! I love the beautiful frames. I hope you will be feeling better real soon.

Dawn said...

Let's see - I can recall putting the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge, tearing the house apart looking for the glasses that were resting on top of my head and accidentally putting the strawberries in the garbage instead of the stems and leaves - all in the name of sleep deprivation. So, hats off to you for creating this beautiful, elegant & stunning card! I hope this episode is over soon and you are feeling more like yourself. In the meantime, just take care of you.

Big hugs, Dawn

Carol (Gingerbeary8) said...

Donna: You don't have to feel bad about sharing your condition with us. I am glad you did-you must have some horrible days. It's understandable that you would have difficulty leaving comments. I am sad that there is no cure for this disease you are stricken with. You still made the most beautiful card and I was glad to learn that you felt up to it even though it took you a while. Crafting brings one such great pleasure and I am happy to hear you were able to indulge. Please get better soon. I will be saying prayers for you and a recovery from this current situation.
Bear Hugs,

Donna Maligno said...

Those of us who know you, know that silence means fatigue on your part. So sorry this is getting you down. At least the creative part of you is alive, active, wonderful and inventive. Love the color combo of navy and pink! No one thinks of that combination these days! Great card. Feel better, my friend.

Shea said...

Bless your heart, you're not whining at all! And true to form, even in illness your humor sparkles like dew drops. I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly and hope you mend quickly. I've had mono once and here, 30+ years later I still remember the utter and overwhelming fatigue that rendered me too tired to even pick up a fork to eat from the bed tray my mother placed next to my bed. I remember watching the sun traverse the sky for a couple of the worst days as I couldn't do anything but lay in bed. So you just go right ahead and vent - we're here for you sweetie. As for that card - WOW! This is what you call a "quickie?" It's what I call ART. It's gorgeous, like a lovely, classic cocktail dress. LOVE the color scheme with the softest pink to accent the classic navy and white. Bravo!

Barbara Bruder said...

Donna, I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope you can get back to your ole self soon. What a gorgeous card. The silhouettes stamp is so pretty in the center. Reminds me of a cameo and cameos are one of my fav's. Thanks for taking time to make this beauty!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty I love the gorgeous frames you used, Hope you are feeling better today
Hugs Julie P

Pat K said...

Gorgeous card Donna - so very elegant and I love the colours. So sorry to hear you are not well. Wishing you good days ahead. hugs, Pat K x

Leslie Miller said...

Such beauty! All those die cuts against the black, and the glittery silhouette center -- gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear about your CFS. I understand that the fatigue goes beyond description and I know this is a very real disability. Unfortunate when your brain is so full of vitality but your body betrays you. I'm physically well, but stress knocks me out quicker than anything. I'm currently very distressed about how cutbacks in other departments are affecting patient care in my department. Oh, stop me, please... I'm on vacation for at least one more day!

Shannon White said...

Beautiful Beautiful Miss Donna!! LOVE the Wonderful pink white and black color scheme and all the lacy layers too! Wowzers! 8-)


Julie Z said...

Ok, it's been a few days since you posted this so....I'm very sorry to hear that you had been having some difficulties. I think one of your other commenters hit it right on the nail - it's SO frustrating to have the desire in your head, but a body that won't cooperate. That has to be the worst!

I'm glad you're starting to be a bit better now (you have certainly been busier than usual on your blog - so many lovely things to check out!) Hope you're feeling COMPLETELY better very soon!

And this is such a great card - lovely use of the image and such great contrast with all your die cuts!!


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