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Friday, October 17, 2014

Blogger and Translation Feature - blogging tip to make life easier for your visitors

Welcome, Dear Blogging Friends, and to new Google Members Jeanette, kfranciola, and Shirley Wilkie.

I have a new blogger tip for you today.

Because the built-in TRANSLATE FEATURE at the top of blogs does not always work, Google has created a TRANSLATE WIDGET for Blogger. It is easy to install, and is user friendly for your visitors.

The Browser’s header claims that the translation has been performed. But we can see that has not happened:

The top bar often looks like this. But the translation does not work:

There is an Option at the top right of the bar next to your google ID:

But that still does not fix the problem:

So add the feature to your blogger account by choosing:


Be sure to save your changes. It is preferable to leave the TRANSLATE BUTTON toward the top of your blog or at the top of one of your side panels. (Remember to move the TRANSLATE BUTTON to the top each time a new widget is added).

Now the front of your Blogger Blog will show this widget:

It looks like this when a visitor clicks on it:

Our blogging community includes very talented people from many continents. According to the Blogger Stats, most of my visitors are from the USA. But the second largest segment of visitors are from RUSSIA. It is humbling to know that people from all over the world visit our blogs. Having the TRANSLATE BUTTON makes life easier for them.

Hope this was helpful!

blogging hugs,


Alycia said...

I might be going crazy but I can't seem to find 'english' on the list...

I know you're blog is already in english, does that mean it's not provided? I'll check another blog that is in a different language. :)

Sue said...

Blogging land is amazing:)

Hope you are looking forward to your weekend.

Lisa said...

Awesome tip!! There are several blogs I visit that I can't read but wish I could!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

pam said...

Thank you Donna, have added mine, very easy..wish a floating pin it button was as easy.. dare not mess with this, think you need two codes for it..
hope you are OK today.
hugs pam x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Fun tip and very timely! I just added this to my blog a day or two ago! Thank you, Donna!

Jean Bullock said...

Very informative. Thanks so much.

Sue from Oregon said...

Thanks for this great to add to my blog this very minute!

Petra Swart said...

So kind of you to give us this tip, Donna!!! Think I should consider putting this on my blog!!!

Hope you're having a great weekend!!! (a little something is on it's way to you!!!)

Benzi said...

Thank you so much, DE. I tried once to add that to my blog and it didn't work. But, it is now. THANKS!!! Plus, it was simple. I guess I had just not seen that under my layout gadgets. Duh!


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