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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trouble Finding Google's FRIEND CONNECT?

Hi! Are you having trouble finding Google's Friend Connect in Blogger? Whether you are a Google + user, or a Blogger user, you can still add Friend Connect - it's just not as easy to find as it used to be:

Google Friends Connect aka "MEMBERS"…
  1. Go to your blog's dashboard and choose LAYOUT
  2. Choose ADD A GADGET (a separate window pops up)
  3. Scroll Down to choose MEMBERS (it used to be called Google Friend Connect). If you don't see the option, look to the left of the options. There are 3 left side bar choices.
  4. Click MORE GADGETS at the top of the new box is a little "search for gadgets" box. Type "members" or "friend connect".
  5. Click on the + symbol.
  6. Click on the Orange SAVE button
  7. The little window disappears and puts you back on the Layout page. 
  8. Click on SAVE ARRANGEMENT at the top right.
  9. Click on PREVIEW. Are you happy with the placement? If so, close the Preview Page. If not, close the Preview Page and click a single time on the white "add a gadget" cell containing the name of the item you would like to move. Drag the cell to the new location in the column. You may completely rearrange all your gadgets placing some across the top, some at the footer, and some anywhere within the extra column(s).
  10. Be sure to click SAVE ARRANGEMENT each time a change is made.
I hope this helps!

1 comment:

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hi, Donna! Thank you! Hope you are having a good day, my friend! It's always a good day for me when you are blogging and posting these handy blogging tips!

Since you are my blogging expert, here's one for you... how do you unfollow a blog when the blog no longer displays the GFC followers button? Before I got into blogging, I followed some blogs that I'm no longer interested in (since they have nothing to do with crafts). There are at least 2 that have no GFC button. Am I stuck following them forever? It's not a big deal but just a curiosity! I've Googled it but came up empty.

Sending well wishes, hugs and prayers to you, my friend.



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