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Friday, August 02, 2013

Things Are A Changin' (and Blog Candy Awarded)

Did you notice? 

You, dear bloggers, were given a reprieve from visiting for a while. Big changes occurred since I last wrote.

Mind if I share? Of course you do. (smile)

But you'll indulge because, after all...
      you are you.

First of all,

an offer to resume the Sparkle N Sprinkle Design Team Captainship was extended by my sweet friend Margaret, who is the owner. The current DTC, Miss Brenda, will be spending more time traveling and being with family.

        that being said, 
                     I've switched hats a bit. 

SNS has a design team call through August 22 for scrapbookers and cardmakers (desperate for scrapbookers!)  If you'd care to take a peek at the Call, just click here (or e-mail me for a PDF).

At the Sparkle Team, we have lots of fun because... 
        well, because... 
                let's face it... 
                        We're all glittery and sparkly. 

And now on to the July Blog Candy.

The Christmas stamps and goodies in the U.S. go to Danielle Vincent of D's Crafty Connection. I've contacted Danielle to let her know. (hope you have fun with these Christmas goodies since the winter holidays are right around the corner!)

The acrylic My Mind's Eye Christmas set with snowflakes, snowman, trees, flourish, to-from for tags, and pretty sentiments goes to Karen Petitt in Northamptonshire U.K. I left a message on her Google Plus Account (hope you saw it, Karen!) (enjoy for Christmas cards this year!)

An August blog candy will be posted soon with my next card.

Almost the end...

In the meantime, (that's the same thing as "back on the ranch...")

         Each one of you contributes beautifully to my life.

                         Thank you for bringing such joy to me with your messages and encouragement.

Many of the visitors to this little blog read one another's Comments. Apparently you all enjoy and encourage each other as well.    It's wonderful being part of the on-line Community, isn't it?


One Last Thing to those who have asked - I'm still using a walker, but have improved substantially. Thank you for your healing thoughts and prayers.

Always warm sparkly hugs from Florida,


Sue - bearhouse said...

Congrats on the Team Captainship role Donna and congrats to the winners of your generous candy.
I am so pleased to hear that your health is improving. I agree, it is wonderful to be part of this fabulous on-line community.
Take care
hugs Sue xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hello Donna, I am so pleased to hear your health is improving, I will still keep you in my prayers. Congratulations on the team Captainship it is so well deserved and they are lucky to have you as there captain,
Kevin xx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Donna, Congratulations on the Design Team Captainship role and I know you will be fabulous as always. I'm happy to hear that your health is improving, awesome ! Way to go! Take good care, Hugs, Shirleyxx

Brenda said...

I'm so happy that you're back to resume your "captainship" of the DT - while it's been a lot of fun for me while you were gone - I'll enjoy watching you take it back LOL.... I'll be back doing my "behind the scenes" work....

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear your health is improving. Don't overdo it while helping Margaret but wish you great success with the team! I try to keep up with them on line. Take care.

Danielle Vincent said...

Hi Donna - first let me say Congrats to you on your new Captainship - I'm sure you will do wonderfully and inspire many. Second I want to say "thank you sooooo much for the wonderful prize!! I was very happy to get your email today. What a wonderful surprise that really did make the crazy week I had mucho better! Hugs D

Sue said...

First of all, so glad you are improving and feeling well enough to take on the work at SNS. Second the animation is wonderful.
Third, congrats to your winners, I know first hand of your generous nature.


Donna Maligno said...

They picked the right girl to captain that ship! Glad you are up to it, girlfriend. Such great news! Go get em.

Dawn said...

Congratulations Donna! I'm sure you will be fantastic in your new role. I am so glad to here that your health is improving and that you are feeling up to it!

Big hugs, Dawn

maria's knutselplezier said...

Congrats with your going to the design team, you are so good you really earn it, and I olso glad that you are getting better !!


Avril Ann said...

Congratulations Donna, on you extension on the DT, and you new one, well done you, I hope you health continues to improve, love and hugs

KarinsArtScrap said...

thank you for your blog Donna.
it's a pleasure to come and visit.
thank you for your comments.

and congratulations to the lucky ones.

greetings karin

Monica said...

Hello dearest Donna,
Hearty congrats on this new position... they are the richer for this.
Thank you for all the kind and uplifting words you leave me... your comments are right from your heart and do much for me. They are so encouraging to put it in one word.
I am relieved to know that your health is improving... may it sparkle and shine.
Much love and speedy healing,

Monica xxx

Shona Erlenborn said...

The best part of all this, is that you are feeling well enough to get back at the helm! So glad that you are feeling up to it Donna.

Karen Petitt said...

Congratulations Donna and thanks for the candy win too! I'm still not sure what I have to do with the google plus thingy - but my lack of technical skills in that department should improve over time lol! I'll go have a looky now and see where it is and how I reply back to you lol! Karen x

Gerlinde said...

Ooooh! I'm so excited for you being back at SNS at the helm AND feeling better! You have such a way with words and are so inspirational both in your work and with your kind words that I'm so glad you're back in the swing of things! COngratulations!

Ab Fab Designs said...

Congrats darling what a winner they picked with you , Ab Fab darling , glad you are improving my friend , keep the ideas coming ,loves ya take care
Big Big Hugs xxx

Karen Petitt said...

My lack of technical skills has let me down again Donna. Have tried to email you but it came back as a failed message. Can't find your email details here huni and Google plus has totally confused both me and DH - who was a tech geek lol!
My email is

starbase31'full stop' kp 'at symbol' gmail 'full stop' com.

I am very glad to hear that you are finally on the mend sweetie - it's taken a long time but we all been sending you huge happy vibes Karen xx

NanaConnie said...

Thanks so much for the update, Donna, and I'm glad things are improving. I'm really tickled that you'll be at Sparkle n Sprinkle again and I know you'll be welcomed there with open arms! Many of us have missed you over there even though we have been in touch through the blog and e-mails. Hugs, my friend.

Berni Cuttino said...

Hi DE, prayer has been answered and will continue to pray for your recovery. Congrats, you are back at Sparkle n Sprinkle. Look forward to seeing you beautiful creations and sparkle.
Hugs my friend.

Kat W said...

That has made me very happy to read your good news today :-D
I am so glad your health is improving and congrats on being back at Sparkle n Sprinkle!
Keep smiling and sparkling :-)

Hugs, Kat xx

Mimi said...

Congrats Donna on your Captainship SNS, you are one busy lady. Sorry to hear you have not been well, I did not know and you never let one (brave lady) Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say a big thank you for all the beautiful comments you have been leaving on my blog, you put a smile on my face each time I see one. Keep well, keep smiling and keep happy treasure. Hugs Jane (Mimi) xxxx

pam said...

congratulations on your Captainship SNS Donna, glad your health is improving, thank you for your lovely comments you keep leaving me.
hugs pam

Stampsnob said...

I can't even imagine having to choose from all the entries you will have for SNS DT Call Good luck to all who enter , de you are amazing holding your end with all you have to deal with in your health.....Lis

Eret said...

Donna, thank you so much for very sweet comments on my blog. Your comments will always make me smile. Congratulations on the team Captainship. You are perfect for this positsion. Your cards are always so sparkly and stunning. You are inspiration to the team and everyone else.
I am so glad your health is improving.
Enjoy the summer. Can't wait to see your next card.

Leslie Miller said...

You'll make a great team leader! I think it would be wonderful to be on your team, and I even went and read the DT requirements. Still dragging my feet about getting on a team, though. I need something easy peasy and not too time consuming. Congrats to your winners! I'm happy for any small improvement in your health and hope you'll soon be fully recovered.

Dawn Lancaster said...

Congrats on resuming your captainship Donna! Most of all I'm delighted to hear that your health is improving!
Long may it continue!
Dawn xx

Jill Norwood said...

Congratulations on resuming your captain position! You are a blessing to all! And wonderful prizes - congratulations to the winners! Hope you continue to heal my dear! Thanks for your sweet visits to my blog!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Congrats on your switch to team Captaincy! You'll be marvelous in that role I'm sure. Also congrats to the winners of your candy. I am also so happy to hear that things, they are improving! Good luck with your continued journey back to feeling as good as you can be!


Sue from Oregon said...

Well, you a certainly one busy girl now!!! Congratulations on your new SNS duties-sounds like your will be having lots of fun!!!

Berni Cuttino said...

DE, passing by and just lovin your header, also leaving you some sweet luv.
Take care, my friend

Bonnie said...

Thanks for spreading that sparkle around!


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